The Big Beef Rib®

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Cooking Instructions


Cooking and Seasoning Tips for The BIG Rib®.

While everyone has different tastes and their favorite seasonings for marinating Meats, The Big Rib®
requires minimal seasoning and is best served with a DRY RUB.
Use adequate amounts of Medium coarse sea salt, Med ground fresh black pepper, and Dry granulated garlic. Completely cover all the meat on The BIG Rib®  with this dry spice rub.  A meat tenderizer can be used but not necessary. 

Place ribs in smoker oven set to 285 degrees and slow cook until desired temperature is reached.  If smoking we like Pecan.  But any good hard wood will work.  Oak, Cherry, Alder are a few examples.

If using a Convection or Conventional Oven:

Place ribs on Oven sheet pan and cook  at 300 degrees.  Turn ribs over on pan to ensure proper browning.  
Ribs should be cooked a few degrees less than desired finished cooking temperatures.  Let meat stand for 3 mins before serving.  Temperatures may slightly increase and rib will continue to cook while resting.  Always roast The Big Rib® on the bone.  Optimal flavor is achieved when the meat cooks directly with the bone in.

We have found that it is best to serve The BIG Rib® right after it comes out of oven.  The recommended seasoning is more than perfect to enjoy the full flavor of the meat.  However, if you like BBQ Sauce, you can put on your favorite sauce.  We recommend the following sauces.
Smokey, Garlic Zesty, or Spicy.  Avoid using sweet BBQ sauces as these are primarily used for Pork or Chicken Products. 

Pairing The BIG Rib® with wine is always best when served with a deep full red varietal.  Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon,  or a Meritage  can provide a deep, fruit forward, smokey, and Big Jammy bouquet and Pallet to pair perfectly with The BIG Rib®.  Big Flavored Meats require Big Bold wines.

*Note, Always use care when handling hot foods.
The BIG Rib® is designed to eat right off the bone.  Place a paper wrap on hot bone so as not to burn yourself. A paper towel folded in half and or a grease resistant paper wrap can be used.

Caution: The Bone can get hot and could burn if not handled properly.  


Internal Cooking Temp Chart

Degree of Doneness

Internal Core Temperature

Internal Description

Touch Test Description

Extra-rare or Blue (bleu)

115 degrees F

deep red color and barely warm

feels soft and squishy


120 to 125 degrees F

center is bright red, pinkish toward the exterior portion, and warm throughout

soft to touch

Medium Rare

130 to 135 degrees F

center is very pink, slightly brown toward the exterior portion, and slightly hot

yields only slightly to the touch, beginning to firm up


Medium Well

140 to 145 degrees F

150 to 155 F

center is light pink, outer portion is brown, and hot throughout

Center Shows no Pink inner

yields only slightly to the touch, beginning to firm up

Well Done

160 degrees F and above

steak is uniformly brown or grey throughout

firm or hard to touch


Eating raw or undercooked meats can be potentially hazardous to pregnant women and children.  Always properly cook and maintain safe temps while holding meat and fish products.